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Amazon SES is a great tool for sending and receiving emails. The AWS SES email templates work well and do the job. They're just hard to use.
Who want's to write code just to manage their email templates?
We've done the hard part, so you can edit and manage SES templates straight from your browser. Write the emails with Markdown, HTML, CSS, and Handlebars, and we'll do the rest.

Why this is easier


It's a pain to maintain a text and an HTML version of every email template. With Email Template Manager for Amazon SES, you can write emails in Markdown which then work great in both HTML and Text formats!


There are some things that you just can't do in Markdown, so you can always write a little bit of HTML in with the Markdown for those progressively-enhanced emails.


No more inline styles...
We'll inline the styles in your templates, you can just write Markdown, HTML, and CSS as you would normally, and we'll make it work great on any email client.


It's an email template - of course you're going to need to merge data in.
In the Email Template Editor, you can enter sample merge data which will be merged live, so you can see what the email will look like without sending hundreds to yourself.

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