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Security is hugely important to us. To provide this service, we need access to your AWS API Keys.
We know how sensitive these keys are, and take the responsibility of storing them safely very seriously.
The team here at SES Templates is made up of professional high-security compliance Software Engineers. All code is tested thoroughly before being released into production, and all OWASP-top-10 vulnerabilities are conciously defended against.

Our Practices

Code Reviews

All code is thoroughly reviewed and tested for security issues before being released into production.
This provides ongoing confidence that your keys and data are kept securely.

Principle of Least Privilege

We operate on a principle of least privilege. Our team members have the minimum access to productions systems and data as possible.
This greatly reduces the risk of data breaches or other incidents.

Data Hosting

It's hard to store data securely, so we have outsourced that job to the highly respected Amazon Web Services.
We run on Heroku which in turn runs on AWS, meaning our systems are constantly being monitored and protected by some of the sharpest security-focused minds out there.


All data is encrypted, at rest and in transit.
No matter where attackers come from, if they're not us - they can't see your data. We use AWS tools to help ensure high security all the time.

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